The company

The history and the future of Oranfrizer has deep roots in a unique territory, volcanic and generous. It grew out of Sicily, in the plains of Catania dominated by the maternal and paternal presence of Mount Etna, and its products distinguish themselves by the origins which determine their quality.
Founded in 1962 by Cavalier Giuseppe Alba, Oranfrizer is led today by his sons Nello and Alessandro. It represents in Italy a leading company in the production of citrus products, fruit and vegetables and juices.
The company prizes quality over quantity and distributes the gifts that nature has made to the most fruitful island of the Mediterranean.

Nello Alba, Amministratore Unico Oranfrizer
The core business of blood oranges, both fresh and juiced, which over the years has reached many fruit and vegetable markets throughout the world, from Japan to China, from the United States to Russia and the principle European markets.Oranfrizer from the field to the table, in addition to blood oranges, also distributes all the excellent citrus of Sicily - lemons, blond oranges, mandarins, grapefruit - and many other exquisite fruits cultivated in the most vocational lands of the island.
Oranfrizer's overseeing of the branch is constant and the control complete: Each phase in the production chain is monitored, from blossom time to gathering the fruit, up to the management of every process, transformation and packaging.
Oranfrizer respects the environment, honest work and supports the Cooperative Assets and Tastes campaign of the
Buoni e Giusti Coop .
Oranfrizer innovates, adds value and exports. With the understanding that agriculture has a primary role in life for our society and for our planet, it takes care of nature every day and contributes to the diffusion of healthy food habits.


What do we do?

We cultivate.We live in Sicily and we look after it, practicing our passion for agriculture. From the field to the table, we distribute the best fruit..

We diversify. We invest in research and we take it to the field in order to expand the red orange production calendar. We set the various clones of pigmented citrus fruit for different harvesting times. We supply this special Sicilian fruit from December to May.
We enhance the value of blood and blond oranges, lemon and mandarin cultivars, above all aiming at the new varieties. Throughout the year, we gather and process so many other fine fruits which mature on our land.

We transform. - We do not limit ourselves to delivering fresh citruses and orchard fruit to the table. We also produce 100% fruit juice, easy to consume and perfect for exporting, at all times and everywhere.

We distribute. Every day we service the mass retail market, in Italy and abroad. If you are the principal of a specialist shop, with even a small turnover, we can reach you with our fruit. From the harvesting fields to your sales counter.

We export. - We travel, explore the world and dispense knowledge and flavours beyond the confines of Europe. We believe in sharing cultures and knowledge.

We add value. - We are dynamic and always active in the world of marketing and communications, developing ideas together with our clients, supporting our products in all countries.We spread new and healthy habits in consumption. We create special promotional activities at points of sale. We invest in cultural projects.

Terre e Sole di Sicilia

Within the Oranfizer branch, the “Terre e Sole di Sicilia” Organization of Producers is the basis of the agricultural association. The Producers’ Organization brings together 163 members, producers of citrus fruits and more.Together they husband over 1800 cultivated hectares, contributing to the production of over 67 thousand metric tons of fruit and vegetables. Discover...